Remodeling A Bathroom Floor

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Bathroom flooring is an important area to consider when planning your next bathroom remodeling building job. There are a number of options with cost cosiderations to take into account. It is easy to become carried away and find that your floor costs more than the all the other bathroom fixtures and fittings. Bathroom flooring is usually tile and is frequently the coldest floor in the house. Remember the smaller the floor the cheaper an installation such as radiant flooring will be, but throwing down some rugs or plush mats may be sufficient to do the trick. Bathroom flooring is very important. Many homeowners like to install below floor heating, which is recommended with a stone or concrete floor.

Vinyl tiles are an option and available in all sorts of shapes and patterns. Have a look in your local flooring shop for ideas. Vinyl flooring is the most popular in kitchens but is becoming more poular in the bathroom. Vinyl sheet and vinyl tiles are widely regarded as the most practical types of bathroom flooring. Vinyl sheet has the advantage that it is completely waterproof and will not lift; by comparison vinyl tiles may lift after time, as water penetrates the joints between the tiles.Vinyl floors are quite easy to clean, whereas stone floors are quite expensive and resistant to extreme moisture. Both durable and long-lasting, appropriate flooring should be chosen to complement your personal style. Vinyl bathroom floors are soft underfoot and are very easy to maintain. The installation is also extremely easy: just peel and stick it on! Cork floor tiles can be used in a similar way but must be sealed and varnished if used in the bathroom to render them waterproof.

Laminated wood flooring is also a good choice as it is more durable than hardwood flooring and easier to clean. If you are pressed for time, installing a laminated flooring can significantly increase the speed of your bathroom remodeling. However, be careful as some laminated flooring can be susceptible to water damage and may, therefore, not be appropriate, especially if you have young children.

Ceramic floor tiles and wood expand and contract at different rates which can cause problems. Backing boards need to be used and the special adhesive used to ensure the tiles do not work loose or crack. Ceramic tiles are very popular and have a rich, textured, solid feeling, that is also waterproof and fairly inexpensive. It cleans up well and bravely resists even standing pools of water.

Stone flooring is by far your most expensive flooring option. Stone tile tends to cost more than ceramic tile, but this difference is insignificant compared to the total size of your floor and the quality of the tile you select. A high-end ceramic tile is going to cost more than an economical stone tile option. Stone and ceramic are two highly durable flooring materials. However, these materials are expensive, not very easy to install and can be uncomfortable to stand on for very long.

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