How to Maximize Your Bathroom Storage

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If your plan for remodeling your bathroom is an attempt to maximize bathroom storage space, there are a couple of unique options available for you to choose from. Depending upon the size of the bathroom itself, the use of a tallboy-style cabinet for storing items is a unique option. Most tallboy units are approximately 6-feet tall and have 1-2 doors on it for access, and can be used to store all kinds of bathroom items. When you open up the doors, you’ll see that there are shelves on the inside that can be used to stack towels or hold extra soaps and other toiletry items. If you are a little short on space, there are corner-style tallboy cabinets that will still give you tons of storage, but won’t take up as much room.

If you are really cramped on space there are some excellent over-the-toilet type shelf rack systems. Most of these units are a basic metal stand that is designed to fit over the top of the tank of your toilet. There are shelves on the frame above the height of your toilet, allowing you to get the most out of that extra unused Bathroom Storagespace. If an over-the-toilet shelf won’t work in your situation, you could also add some wall shelving for the placement of smaller items such as bottles, soaps or small bins. Most bathroom storage is limited to the space available inside the vanity cabinet itself. This is the cabinet that houses your sink and all of the piping, and most of these units will generally have at least one storage shelf underneath the sink.

Today, there are modern vanities that are designed more as an open shelving type unit rather than the more traditional door enclosure type cabinets. In a bathroom that features two sinks, sometimes a double-vanity that houses both sinks is used, giving you added storage capabilities. Most vanities have a wall mirror placed or hung above them, in addition to the storage area they house underneath. You can choose to use a mirror that is a cabinet style, a piece that is sometimes called a medicine cabinet. The doors are simply hinged mirrors with a hidden storage area for smaller items such as beauty products or health care items and such.

Most of the shelves that come standard on these types of mirrored cabinets are typically very small. This is why it is usually called a “medicine cabinet,” as many people store their medicine and over-the-counter remedies up high in this cabinet to keep them away from small children. There are other types of storage items that are becoming more popular, such as the cube storage items sold at most home stores. They can be made of a number of items such as wood, molded plastic and even canvas, and can be placed between the sink and the toilet – or anywhere you have room – to quickly add extra storage. Some people use these storage bins to hold extra toilet paper, tissue boxes or other regularly used items.

Sometimes just taking a trip to your local home goods store or department store will give you some unique ideas for storage utilities that you might not have considered on your own. There are a lot of open rack storage designs that will create added storage, without adding so much that you get that feeling of being overcrowded or overdecorated. If you think about the items you need to store and plan ahead of time, it is possible to increase your storage space even in a very small bathroom.

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