A Structured Look at Bathroom Design

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Designing a bathroom can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you don’t have a structure on how to make your decisions, you’re just going to end up running in circles and probably end up spending money on something that you ultimately cannot use. Here is a skeleton of the plan on how to make your general decisions for the bathroom, and then turn those into solid choices.

The most important decision you can make, as it’s going to affect everything else that you choose, is the color of the room. And not only the primary color of the room, but also the scheme of colors that is going to support that color. You probably cannot spend bathroom-designtoo much time making this decision. Look online for some color scheme generators, or go to a home improvement store to look at the paint samples and color schemes that they have there. Do not go past this step until you are 100% happy with your decision.

From there you can decide on the style of the room. Do you want a more modern, minimal look? Or are you going for a more traditional American style? This is going to influence everything from the faucet on the sink to the raised toilet seats that you have on the toilet. You can think about style and color at the same time, although the style typically cannot be completely decided on until you have a color in mind.

Then, after these ideas are set, look at some of the harder decisions you need to make. Choosing tiling for the floor, for example, is a decision that, once you’ve made it, it’s very difficult to go back. The shade of color on the wall, however, is a little bit easier to change it absolutely necessary. Therefore, you probably want to choose your tiling first, and then find a paint that supports that tiling. This is to safeguard you in case you need to make changes later in your choices. If every choice you make is the correct one, then this is not necessary. But at the same time, when have we ever gotten it absolutely right on the first try?

By structuring the decisions you make when you’re remodeling your bathroom, you can prevent yourself from running around in circles and ultimately buying some kind of door knob or black toilet seat that you ultimately cannot use. This is a skeleton of a design process — take it, flush it out, and make it your own.

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Remodeling the Bathroom 101

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Remodeling the bathroom is a great way to enjoy your home even more, and to also add value to it if you ever plan on selling. But unless you’re a contractor yourself, you’re probably a little overwhelmed with the whole idea. Where do you start? And what should you focus on?

The most important thing to do is plan. You need to decide on what you want to change, and you need to get cost estimates for the improvements you want to make. And this isn’t just the cosmetic aspects of the bathroom either – you may be looking through new walk in shower designs and choose one you like, only to find out later that the pipes are old and unable to handle your remodeling-the-bathroomnew shower properly. You can end up spending a lot more money than you planned if you don’t get everything inspected first. Do take a look at everything yourself, making note of any signs of wear (leaky faucets, discoloration in the carpet or ceiling). Get a professional to look it over before you commit to any improvements.

You will want to consider how you use the room, and what changes you can make to either improve usefulness or at least keep it at a same level. Imagine if you installed a larger counter only to find that the bathroom door can’t close properly with it there. This may sound silly, but logistics like that can ruin a good plan.

Finally, after you’ve identified the areas you want to work on, consider the cost of the improvements you want to make. Turning your shower into a steam shower may not be expensive up front, but what is it going to cost to operate it? You don’t want to break the bank up front, and then realize you don’t have the money to enjoy it later down the road. Nor do you want to commit to a change and fall in love with it, only to find that it’s too expensive to do at all.

Remodeling a bathroom takes planning, more planning than you probably realize. These are some ideas to help you get started. Now get to work!

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Shower Enclosures Help Save Space

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Bathroom shower enclosures are more commonly found in bathrooms than tubs. They are especially popular in ½ baths because of the relatively small space required. Most enclosures are made from fiberglass. This makes them easier to replace than revamping a tiled shower stall. They come as a single shell and allows the homeowner to purchase stylish hardware separately for them.

Small bathroom shower enclosures will allow enough space for a large jet bathtub in a standard sized bathroom. Many designers place them in corners where they are out of the way of cabinets and toilets. These enclosures come shower-enclosureswith doors that have different styles. Those who like their privacy will install etched glass where only a silhouette can be seen. They look especially updated when clear see through glass is used.

Shower enclosures are more effective than regular tile showers when it comes to splashing water. Fiberglass is also a better water barrier than regular bathroom tiles. They are also easier to squeegee off when a person is finished taking a shower. Fiberglass bathroom enclosures are also resistant to mold and mildew, as the surface is nonporous and much easier to keep looking clean.

It is much quicker to jump into a shower than the tub. The only wait that is required is for the water to heat to the proper temperature. A tub can take some time to fill and the water becomes cooled after just a few minutes. Additionally, many people do not like the idea of soaking in their own dirty water. This is why so many of them have switched to bathroom shower enclosures.

Bathroom corner showers are an affordable way to dress up a bathroom and save space at the same time. You can even select your own hardware that matches the style the room. Some stores have these units already set up. This makes it easy for a person to try them out as far as fit.

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